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The basis of the Alliance is formed by Intergo, LFI24, Human Safety Academy and Human Safety Research. This strong base is complemented by an extensive international network of associated companies with which projects and research are executed. Within the Alliance these safety experts join forces, while still retaining their independence. As a modern network centric organisation the Alliance enables the experts to create and leverage information to increase competitive advantage through the collaboration of agile teams.

Our combined size enables us to serve the largest and most demanding customers across Europe.

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Our vision

Making the difference for a safe and healthy world.
The Human Safety Alliance improves safety in the workplace and challenges the safety plateau that characterises many industries. We accomplish this through fundamental research and using this in our consultancy and training practice. We are able to advance state-of-the-art safety improvements, transferring best practices across domains and geographies.

Our values

We develop these solutions based on our 5 key FAITH values: We develop these solutions based on our 5 key FAITH values:

Tailor-made solutions require maximum flexibility. We analyse your situation, recommend improvements and train as appropriate for your organisation.

Based on specific expertise, we take responsibility for innovative ideas and state-of-the-art safety solutions to improve the work situation.

Our committed team of consultants has the common mission of improving safety, usability and sustainable employability in workplaces.

We recommend solutions based on data-driven insights. This guarantees the highest reliability, to be fully relied upon.

Human behaviour is complex, and plays an important role in all our decisions. We take into account ergonomics, psychology and mutual interaction.

>Human Safety Research

Human Safety Alliance activities in consultancy, incident investigation and training is supported by the execution of scientific research in the domain of human factors & safety. Part of the yearly revenue is reinvested in the research activities.

The tangible outputs of this research include:

  • evidence based knowledge to improve health and safety in organisations;
  • scientific papers, conference presentations and white papers showcasing Human Safety Alliance’s expertise;
  • a network of academics that can be called upon to support consulting projects and training programmes;
  • new or collated knowledge to support a business proposition for consultancy or training;
  • internal guidelines and training programmes to increase Human Safety Alliance’s effectiveness and to onboard new recruits or associate staff members.